Get premium beef, lamb, pork, chicken, duck cuts, fine wines and cheese, for your favourite meat dishes and get stocked for your festivities and BBQ parties.

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An interesting addition to a burgeoning shopping scene at Ghim Moh. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff and a good selection of frozen and fresh products. Thank you Meatkrafters!

Shelley Hood

Fresh meat supply, plain and/or marinated. Also have pastries and all for kitchen and tummies!

Melissa LovesIcecream

Excellent selection of meats, cheese, wines and even desserts at MeatKrafters. Very conveniently located in the heart of Ghim Moh and it's now my favourite haunt for really good meats and seafood too. The owners are also really friendly, true foodies, so you get the assurance that whatever is on the shelves have been vetted by them and are all of exceptional quality. It's a gorgeous store with really nice ambience but with really reasonable pricing!

Geraldine Lim

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Affordable everyday wines to premium selections from our private collection.