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Hotpot Bundle Special

Hotpot Bundle Special (10 PAX)

Got a Shabu or Hotpot night planned out for the weekend? No worries, this specially handpicked bundle is stuffed with all the goodies that everyone will love! Featuring premium Iberico pork for...
Burger and Mix BBQ Special Bundle (8 Pax)

Burger and Mix BBQ Special Bundle (8 PAX)

Hey BBQ and burger fans, this bundle feeds 6-8pax and would be the highlight of your next party! Fire up your grill and whip up premium burgers pronto.  Save precious time on...

BBQ Bundle (10 PAX)

Whipping up a BBQ for a celebration? We've got you covered with this premium bundle that satiates and satisfies any meat-loving crowd. Save precious time on putting your feast together and...
BBQ Bundle (14 Pax)

BBQ Bundle (14 PAX)

Prepping for a larger group that can feed 12-14 meat-loving friends and loved ones? This BBQ Bundle for a larger group is up to the task! Just add your own BBQ pit...
Mini Hotpot Bundle (5 Pax)

Mini Hotpot Bundle (5 Pax)

Great Mini Hotpot Bundle for 5 people that includes the following items :- Shabu AUS Beef Ribeye (1kg)Shabu Spanish Kurobuta Pork Collar (400g)Shabu Spanish Kurobuta Pork Belly (400g)Shabu US Beef...
Outdoor BBQ Charcoal Disposable Set - 36 pcs

Outdoor BBQ Charcoal Disposable Set - 36 pcs

The perfect item, great for outdoor activities such as camping, picnics, and backyard gatherings. Convenient for those who have limited outdoor space or who want to avoid the hassle of setting...