Grainfed Lamb Shank (Frozen) ~500g

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Australian lamb meat taken from the lower part of the leg, just above the ankle. It is a tough cut of meat that contains a lot of connective tissue, so it is best cooked slowly in a liquid, such as by braising or stewing.

Grain-fed lamb is lamb that has been raised on a diet primarily consisting of grains, such as corn, barley, and wheat, rather than grazing on grass. Feeding lamb grains will make the meat more tender and have a more consistent flavor than grass-fed lamb.

Grain-fed lamb shanks are usually more tender than grass-fed and are considered to have a richer and more intense flavor.

Great to be used for dishes like lamb shank cooked in red wine. Can also alternatively be used for lamb shank biryani as well. It can also be braised with rosemary and stewed.

Weight: 500g

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