Ribeye Bundle (Super Sevens)

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Get ready to indulge in a world of flavors like never before with MeatKrafters' Ribeye Bundle – a curated selection of exquisite ribeye cuts from around the globe! 🌟🍖

Brazil Ribeye Frozen: From farms in Goiás, our frozen Brazil Ribeye boasts lineage from US cattle breeds. Selected by our skilled team, only 1% of cattle make it to production at 18 months, ensuring a tender, marbled texture and unparalleled quality.

AUS Grassfed Wagyu Ribeye MB2+ Chilled: Raised on Central Queensland's lush pastures, our grassfed Wagyu revels in its natural diet of grasses, wildflowers, and herbs. Free to roam, these cattle mature slowly, yielding a marbling score of 2+ and a distinctive flavor profile.

AUS Grassfed Wagyu Ribeye MB4+ Chilled: Elevate your experience with our MB4+ Wagyu Ribeye, boasting even higher marbling. Indulge in the sumptuous result of the MSA Meat Standards Australia rating.

AUS Angus Beef Ribeye Chilled: Our Angus Ribeye, grain-fed for 100 days, guarantees a remarkable taste journey. With no growth hormones or antibiotics, it's a prime example of wholesome, quality beef.

AUS Tasmanian Ribeye (British cattle) - MB2+ Chilled: Our Tasmanian Ribeye hail from the cleanest environment in the world. This grassfed beef is amazing. Great marbling, tenderness and flavor. 

USDA Super Prime: Indulge in the cream of the crop with our USDA Super Prime Ribeye. Handpicked from the top 20% of Prime cuts, this selection rivals A3/A4 Wagyu in flavor and quality, as testified by our esteemed customers.

Argentina Grassfed Ribeye: Experience the soul of Argentina's Pampas with our award-winning Grassfed Ribeye. Gold medalist of the 2021 World Steak Challenge, these certified Angus cattle graze in pristine pastures, promising natural marbling, tenderness, and a taste like no other.

Grab Your Bundle: Explore these captivating ribeye cuts from 7 different countries, all in one Ribeye Bundle.


  • Tasmanian Ribeye (British cattle) - MB2+ marbling grassfed (220 - 250g)
  • Australian Angus Ribeye - 100 days grainfed (230 - 250g)
  • Wagyu  - MB2+ marbling grassfed (200 - 220g)
  • Wagyu  - MB4+ marbling grassfed (200 - 220g)


  • Super Prime - cornfed (the top 20% selection of Prime cuts) (300 - 350g)

South America

  • Argentina Angus - grassfed (220 - 230g)
  • Brazil Angus - grainfed (220 - 250g)
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