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"100% human grade pet food pork" refers to pet food that is made from pork that is fit for human consumption. This means that the pork used in the pet food is of the same quality and standard as the meat that is sold for human consumption in supermarkets.

Human-grade pet food is made using high-quality ingredients, and it does not contain any fillers or by-products that are often found in lower-quality pet food. This ensures that your pet gets all the essential nutrients they need to maintain good health.

When it comes to pork specifically, it is a good source of protein for dogs and cats, but it is important to ensure that the pork is cooked thoroughly to eliminate any harmful bacteria that may be present.

Overall, choosing 100% human grade pet food pork can be a great way to ensure that your pet gets the best possible nutrition, but it's important to also consider other factors such as your pet's individual needs and preferences, and any specific health concerns they may have.

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