Fyro Genuine Binchotan White Charcoal 2.5kg

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Binchotan white charcoal is a type of activated charcoal made from oak branches that is known for its high quality and purity.

It is often used for cooking and purifying water, and has a long history of use in Japan.

Binchotan charcoal is considered to be some of the best charcoal for these purposes due to its high level of carbonization and lack of impurities.

  • When oil from fatty meat cuts or fish drips on FYRO Binchotan, unlike with regular charcoal, there is reduced wild flame flare up to burn the surface of your food while leaving the inside uncooked.
  • Binchotan burns with a consistent high heat, giving you great control over the cooking temperature. Food cooked over Binchotan has the best flavour that any charcoal cooking can possibly create.
  • Binchotan maintains it's high temperature over a very long duration as it is designed to be incredibly pure and dense. Due to this, Binchotan is naturally harder to light than regular charcoal which is less dense.
  • Binchotan can also be used for water and air purification and deodorizing odours!

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