AUS Angus Beef Shortrib Bone In MB2+ - 500g

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Australian Angus beef is a type of beef that comes from cattle that are specifically bred to meet certain quality standards. The Angus breed is known for its high-quality marbling and rich flavor.

Short ribs are a cut of beef that come from the rib section of the cow, near the breastbone. They are typically a bit fattier than other cuts of beef and are considered a flavorful, but less tender cut of meat. When the shortribs are "bone-in" it means that the rib bones are still attached to the meat.

The "MB2+" grading refers to the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading system, which is used to assess the quality of beef. In this system, "MB2+" indicates that the meat has a minimum of 2+ marbling, which means that the meat has a moderate amount of fat dispersed throughout the muscle. This results in a more tender and flavorful meat.

Australian Angus Beef Shortrib Bone-in MB2+ is a rich, flavorful and high-quality cut of beef that is best suited for slow cooking methods such as braising, smoking or slow-roasting to achieve a tender and juicy meat. This cut of beef is popular in many cuisines such as Korean, Mexican and Texan barbecue.

These are great for braising in red wine or in stews due to it having more meat on the bone. They can also be slow cooked in beef broth and worcestershire sauce.

Weight: 500g

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